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How to Braze a Copper Pipe

Copper pipes are found in almost every home in Toronto. They are used to contain water, air, and refrigerants. The world of plumbing has altered a multitude of things in our lives. Copper pipe brazing is one of the most important plumbing tasks. If you learn how to braze copper pipe, you can perform this task yourself.

In order to braze a copper pipe, you need to follow a simple process. However, before starting this process, you must be aware of certain precautions. Do not perform the soldering process without wearing soldering glasses, and always use gloves to protect your hands while applying the flux.

The first step is to select pipes of the correct size. If you don’t know how to measure the length and thickness, you can consult a plumber. Once you have selected pipes, the next step is to select fittings. These fittings include elbows, tees, crosses, adapters, and others.

After selecting all the necessary tools, begin the process by cutting the pipe. Use markers to make marks on the pipe. You can cut copper pipes by using a copper cutter or a tube cutter. If the pipe is large, then you cannot cut it with these tools. In this case, you will need a hacksaw.

After cutting, the next step is cleaning. In order to perform the brazing process, it is important to make your pipes rust-free. In order to clean the outer surface of a copper pipe, you can use steel wools, sand paper, or emery cloths. However, you cannot use them for cleaning the inner surface of a copper wire. In order to clean the inner surface, it is appropriate to use cleaning brushes. These tools are easily available in the market. You will also find various cleansing agents in the market which are used to remove the minute traces of tarnish. These cleansing agents are used by plumbers to clean pipes thoroughly.

Once you have cleaned your pipe and fittings, put the pipe into the fitting. Now, it is time to solder your copper pipes. Heat the pipe by using a propane torch or an acetylene torch. Once you feel that you have provided enough heat, touch the solder wire to the joint. Within a few minutes, the molten solder will start pouring out. Now there is no more need of the soldering material. Allow the pipe to cool down. In the end, wipe the excess solder to make the joint clean.

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