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If there’s any bathroom repair you want to get done ASAP when it happens, it’s fixing a clogged toilet. Here are five ways you can get back to flushing freely and avoid an overflowing toilet.

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1. Start by stopping the flow of water

Don’t flush the clogged toilet a second time. Depress the flapper (it looks like a large drain plug) inside the tank. This will stop the water from running in.

2. Look inside the bowl for the blockage

If you can see what’s there, you’ll have a better idea of the best way to unclog the toilet drain. You may even be able to remove it by hand if it’s near the top end. Consider wearing rubber gloves to keep your hands clean.

3. Try to unclog the toilet with a plunger

If the blockage is caused by something normal like bathroom tissue and waste, a plunger can be the best clogged toilet fix. Try softening the plunger with warm water first, then make sure you get a good seal around the hole before you start plunging. Check that there’s enough water in the toilet to cover the plunger, then give it several strong pushes and pulls. Note: if the blockage is caused by an object that doesn’t belong in a toilet—like something metal or plastic—skip the plunger and either try a drain snake or call an experienced plumber.

4. Mix up some baking soda and vinegar

Empty a small box of baking soda (8 oz.) into the bowl and add a half litre of vinegar. Then pour in at least two litres of very warm water, and leave it overnight.

5. Use a drain snake to unclog the toilet drain

Chose a toilet-specific drain snake or drain auger to avoid damaging the porcelain. Feed the coil into the drain until you reach the blockage, then push and turn the snake through it to break apart the clog. Note: this tool will also work if you need to do a sewer line cleanout.

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