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Drain Maintenance can be a relatively easy job, especially if you are equipped with the right set of tools and a complete understanding of how to unclog drains. Nowadays, the technology has advanced so much that if you have the sufficient know how of what needs to be done, you don’t even need to call upon a plumber for your clog drains. You can do it all by yourself.

The right tools:

Having the right set of tools is very important for your drain maintenance. There are some popular drain cleaning equipment that you can easily find anywhere in the market. With the help of these equipments, you can keep your house away from plumbing problems:

  • Toilet augers and drain cleaners
  • Professional plungers
  • Drain cleaning rooters
  • Drain cleaning drill
  • Mobile heavy-duty drain cleaners
  • Speedway drain cleaning

Methods of cleaning a clogged drain:

There are several methods of unclogging a clogged drain, in which chemicals, baking soda, vinegar and hot water are the most effective.

Following are some quick tips that may help homeowners in their drain maintenance:

  • Liquids: Do not throw liquids down your drains that solidify after a few hours. When these liquids go in your drains, it can block it, and are one of the main reasons of leakage of dirty water.
  • Regularity: Run hot water down the drains time to time. If something clogs your drain, hot water can remove that material immediately and cause your drain to unclog.
  • Substances: Baking soda is an excellent material and a big help in unclogging your clogged drains. This will clean away general grime and fatty deposits from your drain. These general grime and fatty deposits are the major reasons of clog drains.
  • Particles: Keep your sink clean from food particles, as soon as you wash your dishes. It’s better to empty your plates and dishes in the bin, before washing them. You can also keep a net used to stop having food particles into your drain.
  • Professionals: If you face any problem in drain maintenance by yourself, ask a professional and experienced plumber for help, who has all the capabilities of solving these drain problems. There are number of drain cleaning companies, who offer services for drain maintenance at an extremely affordable price. It’s better to get your drain checked from a professional plumber often.
  • Drain cleaners: There are number of drain cleaners available in the market. You can ask a shop keeper for the best drain cleaner.
  • Coffee grounds: Coffee grounds are the liquids that block the drains. Do not wash them in drains, instead throw them out.
  • Sodium Hydroxide or Sodium nitrate: These are a type of cleaners that are effective to clean drains. Run sodium hydroxide or sodium nitrate in drains at least once a month or two.
  • Stoppers: Clean pop-up stoppers regularly or on weekly basis.

By following the above-mentioned pointers about drain maintenance, you will never have to worry about clogged drains again.

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