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drain camera inspection in Toronto

What Is Sewer Scope Inspection?

A drain line inspection, also called sewer line video inspection, is what the name implies; It is an inspection conducted inside your sewage system. First, a professional plumber attaches a camera to a durable and flexible waterproof device connected to a cable (sometimes called a snake). Then, the plumber directs the camera through the pipe. That enables them to view the condition of the line through the use of a monitor.

When Do You Need a Drain Line Inspection?

Two general instances make it necessary to look for drain camera inspection. Every other reason builds on these two. They are;

  • Suppose you are selling or purchasing a home. Suppose you are in the market looking for your dream home. Or you are selling your home, drain line inspection is vital.

If you are selling a home, it is mandatory in some cases to have a sewer line inspection report. When buying a home, you also need to be aware of your sewer status. The plumber checks two things;

  • They check whether the sewer system is working optimally.
  • They also check whether the system is up to code.

It saves both your money and time in the future.

  • Suppose you are experiencing drainage problems. In case you are having drainage trouble, you need our drain line inspection services. Drainage problems include;
    • It can be Bad odor coming from the home’s drains.
    • The toilet does not flush.
    • Maybe your toilet gurgles after flushing it.
    • The water is taking long before it goes down the drain.

Sewer Line Inspection Cost

Drain line inspection is one of the jobs that you can not do by yourself. You need a professional to handle the job for you. It requires special equipment and skills for both doing the job and interpreting the findings before giving recommendations.

The cost for drain line inspection services goes for approximately $300 – $500. Considering the input the job requires, that range is more than fair.

Drain Line Inspection From Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Toronto

After some time, sewer lines develop blockage due to the concentration of broken walls and other materials. The results are devastating since you have to deal with the awful smell in your yard, rodents finding their way into your house. So when you have sewer line problems, you need someone to take care of that fast. That’s where we come in.

Here at Dr. Pipe, we have state-of-the-art equipment that makes our drain line inspection work fast and effective. With our camera, we can collect video images of the inside of your pipe. Hence we can identify the problem behind your trouble without a struggle.

Our staff inspects business and home sewer lines to determine their conditions. Then, we transmit the images the camera picks to a receiver which the operator uses for close study during playback. We also mark the locations and depths so that no issue is left unresolved. We have also used our cameras to locate animals, jewelry, and other valuables that got trapped or lost in pipes.

We offer fast and exceptional services thanks to our experienced staff. Our service rates are pretty affordable and thus competitive. We also serve our clients in the Toronto area round-the-clock, which means our team is on standby.

Contact Us Today

Would you like for us to conduct a drain line inspection for you? Or do you have any drainage problems at home or business place? We can get that sorted. Give us a call today, and we’ll be glad to set up an appointment that favors you.

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