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Drain ReliningIf you do not want to destroy the area around your pipes and refuse to completely replace your sewer lines, sewer relining might be a great way to repair cracked pipes. If you want to replace your sewer pipes, pipe relining is great alternative in many cases. There are four types of pipe relining systems that come highly recommended.

Option #1 – Internal Pipe Coating

Perhaps you have an existing sewer pipe that is leaking into the surrounding soil, that is where internal pipe coating can make a massive difference. First the pipes are completely drained of water to prepare the area for treatment. The insides of the pipes are sprayed with a thick epoxy coating which permanently seals the cracks and leaks throughout the pipeline. This ultimately offers you a smooth, seamless pipe that is going to last a long time.

Option #2 – Pipe Bursting

If you have severely damaged pipes, you can replace them with the pipe-bursting method. It is also used to repair bigger sections of sewer pipeline and for changing an entire system. In order to begin repair, you first need physical access to the pipe. The “bursting head”  is then placed at the access point  on one side of the pipe and hydraulic power makes sure that the head goes through the pipe. This breaks the old pipe apart and leaves behind a new seamless pipe.

Option #3 – Pull-in Place
If you have pipes with larger gaps and cracks, this method is the best lining method. You use heat (like steam) to fix the material into the pipe. You then pull the epoxy-saturated liner into place (where the repairs are needed). You need two access points to pull the liner through the chosen location. By using jets of hot steam to cure the liner, it molds into the possible cracks inside the pipe.

Option #4 – Cured-in Place

If you want to repair trenchless relining systems, the cured-in place piping method is the best option. Professional drain and sewer companies like Osmaks Inc. are able to remove the section of pipe that has been damaged. After cleaning and drying the  interior of the pipe, the lining is applied to the problem area. The jets of hot steam make sure that the liner cures in place.

By working with a professional company, you can be sure that you always have the best option for your particular situation.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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