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Especially during the winter, a furnace can warm the air inside your home to make it much more comfortable, but a furnace will also dry out the air. If you have ever experienced shrinkage in furniture and floors, static electricity, a scratchy throat, or dry skin during the winter, chances are that this is at least partly because of low indoor humidity.

An important benefit for many of our customers is that we can help you maintain comfort while also allowing for a lower temperature setting on your thermostat. You will save money on your energy bill because your heating system will use less electricity or gas to maintain the same temperature.

Problems At Renoak Dr. in Toronto

For a number of reasons, you might want to connect your humidifier to your furnace and check it regularly, but our clients at Renoak Dr. in Toronto had a high water bill, and water was always running. This meant that water use was higher than normal, and even if they were conservative in using water, they would also have a much higher water bill.

What Turned Out To Be The Process

To determine why the water bill was so high, the homeowners decided to call us to investigate. Because we had dealt with this issue before, we were confident that we would encounter one of the following problems:

  •         Leaky toilets—If your toilet leaks, water flows much more than normal. As a result, you will notice that the water is not being used very effectively, and much of it is being wasted.
  •        Leaky humidifier lines—If your humidifier line is leaking, your humidifier is likely pumping more water than it needs, which means you’re not saving any money. In that case, you should have a professional look at the humidifier and ensure that everything is installed correctly.

We completed the repair and new installation rather quickly, and the homeowners were able to get the most out of their humidifier. By understanding common problems and knowing how to solve them, we can complete the job much faster for your complete satisfaction.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!