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Choose Pipe Support Products

What Are Pipe Support Products

An extensive pipe system having long lengths of pipes will need devices to keep those pipes from moving out of their place or from breaking. Ground pipes need support to fix them in their location. On the other hand, pipes which are suspended above the ground will need supports to keep them from sagging and possibly breaking. All the devices meant to protect and keep them in place are called pipe support products. In addition, to supporting and fixing pipes in place, pipe clamps are also used for gluing wood together.

Pipe Clamps

This device is assembled by inserting a length of pipe through a pair of clamp heads. The distance between the inner sides of the clamp head should correspond to the width of the objects being clamped together. Usually, these clamps are used to compress pieces of wood that have to be glued together, for instance, wood that will be used to make a table top.

One of the pair of clamp heads used in pipe clamps is responsible for tightening the clamps. It is threaded in order to make it possible to rotate it into the threaded end of the pipe. The other member of the pair fits into the other end of the pipe and may be adjusted along it to accommodate the width of the items placed in between the clamp heads. Although this other clamp head is adjustable, it has a mechanism that fixes it in place once the clamping pressure is exerted by the first clamp head.

The versatility of pipe clamps

Unlike other types of clamps which have a limited capacity, the width of these clamps is determined by the distance between the inner edges of the clamp heads. Virtually anything can be compressed using them. The pipe served to keep the clamp heads aligned while doing their work. Should the maximum length of the pipe be exceeded, two pipes may be joined to allow clamping an even wider area.

The uses of pipe clamps

The most common use for this type of clamp is in carpentry. They are utilized to assemble wood for tables, the sides of boxes and any other wooden surface that needs to be made up of separate pieces of lumber.

Vertically oriented pipe clamps can be used to keep vertically oriented water or gas pipes fixed in their place. Using these devices, installing water pipes in tall buildings becomes routine and uncomplicated. On the other hand, horizontal clamps can be used to lead long water pipes horizontally across walls.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!