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WaterDrainingEveryone understands the frustration with drain problems. Even though there are a number of serious issues that would require you to call the professionals, there are a handful of remedies to free blocked drains that you could use yourself. These can help you get rid of issues with blocked drains effortlessly and fast. These include the following suggestions that you read here.

Chemical drain cleaners

You can find a number of products that only have this one task. The chemical drain cleaners help dissolve any build-up and grease that might be causing the blockage. You need to know what causes blocked drains in this specific instance before you can use chemical drain cleaners though. Because if you have an actual object stuck in your drain, chemical drain cleaners are not going to do anything. Remember that there is a difference between handling drain problems where water can still drain slowly as opposed to a standing water blockage.

Natural drain cleaners

There are many people who prefer to try clearing blocked drains with natural ingredients because of environmental and safety reasons. If you want to be able to resolve your drain problems the ‘natural way’, do the following:

  • Pour at least one cup of baking soda down the blocked drain. The sink needs to be dry, and the powder has to make its way down the drain.
  • Pour in about two cups of boiling water and wait several minutes.
  • Add another cup of baking soda. Immediately after that, you want to add a single cup of plain white vinegar.
  • Plug the drain. You should hear the drain emit a sizzling noise and see some bubbles. That is a good sign, no need to be afraid.
  • Once the bubbles stop appearing, add two more cups of boiling water.

How can you eliminate odors?

Most blockages come with a rather frustrating side effect, nasty odors. Oftentimes a drain becomes clogged when large items clog up the drainage pipe or they become stuck in the strainer. The nasty smell is released because these items begin to rot and have countless bacteria. You can reduce the likelihood of future blocked drains and bad odors by utilizing good waste disposal practices.

Time to call the professionals

If you are unable to remove the drain problem yourself, there might just be a more serious issue that you need to deal with. Especially because you are unable to see what is happening deep in your drain, it might just be necessary to call the professionals who are capable of ‘snaking’ your drain and remove otherwise hard-to-reach blockages.

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