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Drainage system of the house carries all the waste water out of the bathrooms and kitchen and disposes it off at the main disposal. It is an integral part of the plumbing system and therefore must be properly cleaned and maintained. Basement drainage is essential for a household, especially if you are planning to utilize your basement by adding bathrooms and bedrooms. Basements are usually moist and damp places and must have an effective drainage system.

If you have decided to convert you basement, then you must consider the type of drainage system that would be required for the plumbing. The drainage system of the rest of the house is different from that of the basement as the waste water from the basement has to be pushed upward to the drain while the waste water from the rest of the house goes down to the drainage system due to gravity.

Basement Drainage – Interior Drainage System

An interior drainage system is considered the best for basement drainage. It is recommended because it captures the moisture from the walls and prevents the water from seeping through the floor of the basement and making the area damp. It can be easily installed in two days and is functional apart from being affordable. Leaks often develop in the drainage system and the water begins to get absorbed in the walls, thus reducing the structural reliability of the house. Most of the water and moisture in the basement enters through the floor cracks and the wall joints. By waterproofing these areas, you can considerably reduce the dampness of the basement.

If a bathroom is to be installed in the basement area, then it is recommended to use a sewage ejector basement drainage system that makes the waste water from the basement go up and then drains it out to the main drainage system. The basement drainage system can be connected to the existing drainage system of the house. If, however, the existing drainage system of the house is not low enough to connect it to the drainage system of the basement then you can get a macerating unit that pushes the waste water to the drainage system of the house at a higher level. The macerating unit can be easily installed, is compact and has a small running cost. Such units can be connected to wash basins in the bathroom, kitchen sinks and toilets. A baseboard water drainage system can also be installed in the basement for the disposal of waste water. It is recommended for the basements that have monolithic floors.

Effective basement drainage would help to keep your basement dry and free of moisture. You can consult your contractor or Dr.Pipe plumbing company to decide what type of drainage system would be best for your basement. Drainage systems can be installed in the basement during or after construction but installing them after construction is obviously more expensive.

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