Why your Sewer Smells bad?

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Sewer Smells

Garbage-Disposal-SmellSewer smells are not new and can be caused due to variety of problems. If you have ever experienced sewer smell problems in your house but have put a blind eye on it then it was mainly because these problems are really hard to detect. However, the sewer smell problems are something which require serious attention and should be fixed immediately with the help of a plumber.

If you are also finding it hard to detect the exact cause of sewer smells then here are some of the reasons that make your sewer smell

  • Low levels of water: The pipes in the bowl of the toilet are designed to keep the gas and waste. However, sometimes there are certain instance where the water in the pipe drops which in turn gives rise to smell. To avoid, this problem, it is important for you to flush the entire flush at least one time in three weeks.
  • Leakages: The leaks in pipes are one of the common reasons of sewer smells. Hence, to avoid this it is mandatory to conduct checks in toilet pipes at regular intervals. Replacing the leaking pipes can be a good option to get rid of the sewer smells.
  • Plumbing Drain traps: The traps which have dried out are one of the most common reasons of sewer smell. In order to stop the smell, you need to fill the plumbing drain line with water.
  • French Drains and Sump Pumps: If the sewer pipe is damaged it can lead to waste water. The smell from this waste water in turn can make your sewer stinky.
  • Drain Capping: Poor capping of the drains also leads to sewer smells. Majority of times, the drains are capped merely with a tape which wears off easily and leads to smell in the house. This capping must be done properly especially if the pipes are not in use.
  • Clogged Vent Pipe from stack: Another reason for sewer smells is the clogging of the vent pipe. As days pass, debris such as leaves and other materials clog the vent pipe and decay. The smell from this decay starts to enter your house. To solve this problem it is important for you to install a vent cap to avoid the accumulation of debris inside the vent stack.

If you are fed-up with the sewer smells in your house and have tried all the methods that will help you to get rid of the sewer smells but are still not getting results then it is advisable that you get into contract with a plumber especially with a plumber who has a smoke generator.

The smoke generators are attached to the drainage system. The generator blocks the drain system from the septic tanks or the city sewage which causes the sewer smells to escape through traps or the joint or through the problematic pipes. However, recently the hand-held gas detectors are used to stop the sewer smell problems.

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