The Importance of Catch Basins Cleaning

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The Importance of Catch Basins Cleaning

Catch basinsCatch basins act as filters that prevent debris like litter and leaves to flow into sewers. Ideally, they are constructed in the backyards of houses or next to the curbs. Their maintenance is necessary to ensure proper working of the storm sewers. Since sewers usually flow into streams, any pollutant coming through the basins will also flow along. To prevent this, catch basin cleaning is very important.

Larger problems
Catch basins are important for residents of the locality as well. If water starts overflowing there, it can lead to basement flooding in homes. This, ultimately, can lead to weakening of the structure’s foundation. It can also be a cause of accidents as motorists might slip due to the accumulated water.

As a resident, there are a few things you can do to help in catch basin cleaning. First and foremost, do not blow fallen leaves from your yard into the street. Collect and bag them to be taken away by a pickup service. Always ensure that you do not park vehicles near or on the basins. This can block the flow and cause pressure on the structure. Also make sure that there is no big debris on top of the basin.

Whenever it is about to rain, rake up the leaves and debris around the curbs. Ensure that they do not fall into the basin. Pollutants like oil can be a major cause of concern. Make sure there is no leakage or spillage of oil near the basins.

Call the professionals
For minor blockage, you can clean the basin yourself. Just stand on top of the basin and use a long stick or rake to move the debris. However, calling in professional help for the same is certainly better. Professional contractors have heavy duty instruments like mechanical catch basin cleaners which can be employed depending upon the need. They usually use a jetting system which uses high pressure. They scoop up the collected debris to dump it somewhere else. This ensures that pollutants and other litter are not transferred along with the sewer.

Be responsible
As a community, it is our duty to protect and maintain our surroundings. That is why catch basin cleaning is usually maintained by Homeowners’ Associations. If every resident keeps the front of their yards clean, half the work will already be done. But still, professional help is needed every now and then. Ensure that you hire only renowned and professional contractors like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing for the job.

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