How to Install a Dishwasher

Check if you have space in the sink cabinet for the dishwasher

To install a dishwasher call: 416-663-4777

dishwasher That means they are 34 inches high and 24 inches wide. The first thing you do even before you get a dishwasher is to measure whether your cabinet is 34 inches in height and if there is a 24-inches-wide space in it to accommodate average dishwashers. If you need to dismantle some shelves, do so.  If not, remember the height of the cabinet and select a machine that will fit into that height.

You will need an input hose, an output hose and a connection to the power supply

Your dishwasher has to have three connections. One incoming connection is a hose from the hot water supply. The second one is the connection to your electrical outlet and the third one is the connection to the drain pipe of the sink. If your sink is not equipped for the last connection, you should have it altered by the plumber. The two hoses, one for the water input and the other for the drainage usually come with the washing machine. Otherwise, they are easily available at stores that sell plumbing accessories.

You may need to make a hole in the cabinet to allow the drain pipe to access the sink

To connect the drain hose to the sink’s drain pipe, you have to bore a hole in the inner wall of the dishwasher’s compartment. This hole should be wide enough to allow the pipe to go through.

Slide the dishwasher into its compartment

After preparing the cabinet for the machine, slide it carefully in place. Attach the input hose and the drain hose into their proper places. Connect the electrical wiring to the machine. Be sure you attach the same colors in both the wire and the dishwasher.

Fill the machine with water to test for leaks

You can encounter leaks mostly in the drain hose of the device. Leaks may result from loosely connection the hose with the device. It could also happen that the hose itself is damaged. If you do find leaks, tighten the attachment of the drain hose to the machine. But it’s better to hire renowned and professional contractors like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing  for the job

To install a dishwasher call: 416-663-4777

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