Drain Line Video Inspection in Toronto

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Video camera inspection is one of the newest, greatest tools in the plumbing industry. These are waterproof cameras that are specially made for the plumbing industry. Drain Line Video inspection allows us to check you drain pipes to diagnose existing problems or to prevent them from happening.

Video Inspection Process:

  • Our professional technician starts by entering a flexible rod with a high-resolution camera into the sewer line.
  • Our technician will determine the state of your drain line in real time while watching the video feed on the monitor
  • Technician will be able to diagnose the drain problem and recommend suggested solutions that can range from simple drain snake to replacing the drain
  • We then provide you with both recorded video of the drain and still images

Here is an example of still images we provide to our clients:

Benefits of Drain Line Video Inspection:

  • You are able to identify drain problems without digging up your yard
  • Preventive video inspection can help you to identify issues before they happen

When to use Drain Line Video Inspection?

  • Drain problems: a video inspection will help to determine
    • Corroded Pipes
    • Off-Grade Pipes
    • Punctured, Broken or Misaligned drain lines
    • Identify obstructions such as tree roots
  • Home Inspection: use video inspection to identify any current and future problems with the home you are trying to buy. Real estate in Toronto is expensive as it is, don’t get stuck with expensive plumbing repairs or reduce the price of the home.
  • Preventative Maintenance: the best time to solve the plumbing problem is before it happens. We suggest performing a Video Inspections of your drain pipes at regular intervals to prevent costly repairs.

Why choose Dr.Pipe for your Video Inspection?

  • Fully licensed and insured plumbing company in Toronto and GTA
  • A vast amount of experience with all of the drain problems that clog Toronto. The experience helps us with the proper diagnoses and suggested solutions
  • Trenchless Drain Repair capabilities
  • Competitive prices: mention Dr.Pipe website and receive 25% off of your video inspection

Example of Drain of Line Video Inspection

Here are the example of digital video of drain line we provide to our customers along with digital photos of your drain. 

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