Drain Snaking

We offer one of the best snaking rates in Toronto starting at only $80, call us right now 416-663-4777 to book your free up-front estimate.

Clogged drains in Toronto homes are a very common problem. Sometimes they can be resolved by homeowners, most of the times it pays to call a city licensed plumber and clean your drain completely to prevent even more serious problems. In order to clean drains we use something called a drain snake.

Video of us snake draining an old clay pipe:

The drain snake is a heavy duty drum auger that is motorized with removable blades that may be attached to the end. It is able to cut through or break up tree roots and other stubborn objects.  There are several different kinds of plumbing snakes available for both commercial and residential use with many different types of bits that can be put on the cable. If you’re going to try snaking by yourself you run a very high risk of doing it improperly or using the wrong type of drain snake…the end result will be a broken clay pipe plastic tubes or even the copper plumbing.

Which is why it’s never a good idea to rooter by yourself, always call a city licensed plumber. We will do the job quickly and right the first time around saving you money in the long run.

We offer one of the best snaking rates in Toronto starting at only $80, call us right now 416-663-4777 to book your free up-front estimate.

Drain Cleaning and Drain Maintenance Tips:

  • The main tip is that there is a lot of urban advice online about how to clean your drains with different types of home solutions ranging from baking soda to commercial cleaners – some of that advice doesn’t make any sense and can actually make your problem worse. It’s really not that expensive to have a professional treat your drains. Save yourself a hassle and call a professional as soon as you have a problem. We will take care of the problem and we will prevent future ones since we guarantee all of our work.
  • Commercial drain cleaners contain lye that can burn your skin–when using a commercial drain cleaner never plunge a drain after pouring drain cleaner down it.
  • Running hot water for 30 seconds once per day can help keep your drains clean.

Video of us snake draining an old clay pipe:

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