Drain and Plumbing Issues in Thornhill

Pipe Leak Detection

Got leaks? Where is this water coming from?! It can be frustrating and scary when you find standing water in your home. If you’ve got a clogged sewer line or other drain or plumbing issues, you are likely dealing with the stress of what’s going to happen next.    

3 Ways Professional Leak Detection Saves You Money

Homeowners in Thornhill homes frequently deal with a lot of constant upkeep on their houses, one of the most common issues being drain and plumbing issues. Unfortunately, another common problem with older homes is a leaky basement, which can be a messy and expensive problem.

Sub-utility leaks can be difficult to locate and diagnose, but a good professional plumber in Thornhill can use leak detection techniques to locate the problem, often without the need for excavation and extensive repair. This can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. Here are some ways professional leak detection can save you money.

Decreased Water Bill

The biggest indicator of a leak in your home is a higher water bill. Although this may sound like an obvious sign, many homeowners don’t take note of this right away. Finding the leak — and getting it fixed quickly — with the help of a professional plumber will reduce your water bill significantly by decreasing the amount of water flowing freely in your home.

Preventing Foundation Issues

One of the scariest moments in finding standing water in your basement is not knowing where the leak is coming from and if it is going to cause more extensive damage. Leak detection is of the utmost importance in this case because it will allow a professional plumber to expertly determine if the foundation of your house is in danger. Once the leak is found, they can assess and decide the best course of action to prevent permanent damage.

A Healthier Lawn

Having a plumbing leak can damage your lawn and landscaping, making for a poor outdoor appearance of your home. This only lowers the value of your home and decreases curb appeal. When you allow a professional to perform leak detection in your sewer and plumbing, you can have the problem fixed quickly, allowing you a chance to repair your lawn and make your landscaping look perfect again.

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