Toronto Tree Root Grant

Roots intrusion inside of the Cast Iron Stack elbow

The bulk of our service calls deal with backed-up drains in Toronto. There are a variety of reasons why drain gets clogged– one of the main ones is that the drain is filled by a tree roots. If this is the case you can minimize your expenses while repairing the drain by utilizing the  Toronto Tree Root Drain Grant program. In basic terms, this grant works when city-owned tree roots are blocking the sewer connection pipe between the home’s exterior foundation wall and the property line. It gets a little more complex when the investigation needs to be done on the origin of trees that are filling your drain roots and when the drain is broken on both the home owner’s side and the city side.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the eligibility criteria for Toronto Tree Root Drain Grant Rebate Program?

There are various criteria that need to be met for the home owner to be eligible for the grant. Ultimately, it will be up to the city to make a final decision. The two most important criteria are: 1) the work needs to be performed by a Toronto City licensed plumber like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing 2) The property can’t receive more than $2000 from the City of Toronto per lifetime towards sewer service line repair

What is the maximum amount for Toronto Tree Root Drain Grant Rebate Program?

Usually the maximum amount refunded for the drain work is up to $2000. However, if your combined household income is below $35,000 you might qualify for additional rebates:

– Below $21,000: 100% of the balance of eligible repair costs

– $21,000 – $27,000: 50% of the balance of eligible repair costs

– $27,000-$35,000: 25% of the balance of eligible repair costs

Huge tree roots that blocked drain pipe

We will help you out by filling out all the necessary forms and dealing with the city inspector. If you have any questions about Toronto Tree Root Drain Grant Rebate Program or have backed up drain, call us right now 416-663-4777 for your up-front estimate.

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