Backwater Valve Installation and Use

1n 2013, record breaking rainfall hit the Greater Toronto area, causing floods that shut down the subway service and left tens of thousands without power. But despite how devastating the flood was, a single household installation could have significantly lessened its severity on an individual level – the backwater valve. This is a device [...]

Toronto DIY Plumbing Tips: Replacing a Dishwater Drain Hose

The drain hose in the part that carries dirty water from your dishwasher and drains it away. The hose is usually made of corrugated plastic which is prone to kinks, blockage or leaks; all of which lead to a huge mess on your kitchen floor. While it is possible to clear a clogged drain hose, [...]

Five ways to unclog a toilet drain

If there’s any bathroom repair you want to get done ASAP when it happens, it’s fixing a clogged toilet. Here are five ways you can get back to flushing freely and avoid an overflowing toilet. Don’t flush the clogged toilet a second time. Depress the flapper (it looks like a large drain plug) inside the [...]

How to Fix up your Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen renovations are one of the top home improvement projects for increasing the value of your home. And plumbing system problems have big potential to reduce your home’s value. So when it’s time to renovate your kitchen, including the kitchen plumbing in your plans should be a no-brainer decision. If you’re the hands-on type of [...]

Seasonal Plumbing Tips for Spring

Winter is almost over and spring is around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about spring maintenance. You need to examine your plumbing system to determine just how much damage harsh winter temperatures have caused. Here are some seasonal plumbing tips for spring that can help repair and restore your plumbing system: Leaks [...]