Benefits Of Installing Backwater Valve In Toronto

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Back-water-valve installation on drain line

Have you ever wondered what a backwater valve is and what’s involved in a backwater valve installation? This device is one that will help you protect your home and belongings in the unexpected event there is a sewage backup. A backwater valve, when installed correctly, ensures that even if an issue develops, the toxic sewage water and waste will continue to flow in a single direction – out of the house where it should be. In fact, you might find that this little valve is something that is part and parcel of a high-quality sewage system.

With a backwater valve installation, as a homeowner, you are basically guaranteed that the sewage and water leaving the home through the sewage system has no way to make it back into the house. If you don’t have a backwater valve in place you may find yourself one day paying out hundreds to repair the damage that a backflow of sewage waste can cause – including the costs of cleaning up a basement flood and the loss of any property exposed to the incoming waste.

If your home is in a low-lying geographical area, you are more likely to experience a flood and all the damage that comes with a such an event. Here, in this event, a backwater valve installation is a superb idea. Homeowners should consider the investment in the backwater valve as a protective element for the home, and one everyone should have in place, particularly homeowners who are at greater risk of being exposed to flood waters.

How Does The Backwater Valve Work?

A Toronto contractor is the very first person to have created what is now widely known as a backwater valve, so the unit is engineered with the innovation one might expect from a superior Canadian-style novelty. Placed in position at the drainage lines and the main sewer, their design permits water to move freely out of the home, but will block any backflow. This little innovation actually caused Toronto City to create new laws regarding plumbing and now every newer home must have a backwater valve installation as is mandated by law.

Of course, even older homes can benefit from the backwater valve installation and for homeowners who are interested in it, there is a special program called the “Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program (BFPSP)” which will give a homeowner as much as $3,400 in compensation if they decide to have the backwater valve installed.

All homeowners should have a valve installed, but only if it is installed by a qualified and skilled professional. By hiring excellent contractors who are familiar with this type of installation, the homeowner is taking some seriously proactive measures to ensure the home remains protected from the elements.

Before making the final choice of a contractor, do a bit of homework by learning all you can about the installation process, fees, and what the pros and cons of any having the installation performed. Also, investigate the experience of the Toronto specialist you call in to have the installation completed so you can verify the company’s overall reputation. If you want a qualified company, we highly recommend those found at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing.

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